Consecration of the Well

October 24, 2016


It begins in the chancel, gazing into the “Great Commission” window... “Go ye therefore into the world baptizing....” Flowing at the base of the window are the streams of water that continue to run through each of the side windows depicting the Biblical faith expressed in stained glass. Rays of light beam through the Commission Window and likewise are continued through each of the side windows.


“Nurtured in the water of a womb,” we are given earthly life. The baptismal waters flow over us to initiate us into the fam- ily of God - marked as children of God. Jesus is the Light that guides us and provides abundant joy. Water and light – both tangible symbols giving movement and purpose to the faith journey.


The crossroads of Hayes Barton is The Well – based on the Samaritan Woman’s encounter with Jesus told in John 4. Jesus reveals He is Living Water that springs up till eternal life. All who drink of Him will never be thirsty. We see in this encounter Jesus breaking down barriers that divide us and offering the love of God to all. Standing in The Well at Hayes Barton, the natural beams of light reflect on the water elevating Jesus as Living Water, giving hope and clarity. It is the light mingled in the water that brings movement.


Entering or exiting the Well by the children’s playground, we are reminded that we come and go from this place enveloped by a “Canopy of Water.” The canopy is constructed from seven replicas of the water at the base of the Well: welcoming all to the Living Waters claimed in our baptisms – departing and scattering into the community and world offering “cups of cold water” in Jesus’ name to all in need.


In faith, we embrace both life here and life eternally. Located on the plaza of the Outside Columbarium is a sculpture of “Streams of Living Water.” In the book of Revelation, a vision given to John on the isle of Patmos, God affirms, “I give to the thirsty, water as a gift from the spring of the water of life.” Our faith reminds us that there is a river that “flows by the throne of God.”


We gather this Sunday, October 30th, at 10:00 a.m., in the Multi-purpose Room to consecrate The Well to the Glory of God. Remember to bring your Commitment Card for 2017 as you attend one of the three worship services.


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