S2S Stories: Grace Home

May 8, 2017


A house built in 1917 on Boylan Avenue that is home to four women recently released from prison as well as the Home Coordinator, Dawn Cummings. Dawn is a member of HBUMC and is recovering from recent hip surgery. She graciously welcomed our team into the home for a tour for those who had never been and offered many expressions of gratitude to each of us before we began our yard improvement and driveway project.

There were three events from the morning when I knew God was with us.
1. A friend who marks his calendar and has faithfully helped the last three years, is not a member of our church and does not attend a church, brought his wife this year. They felt the connection of our mission to serve others and expressed a desire to help the women of Grace Home build a small garden. We saw seeds planted and baby steps to knowing God's kingdom.

2. A first time team member of Scattered to Serve wanting us to go back in a few weeks to do more.
A connection made, a heart touched, a desire to do more.

3. Amazed neighbors, grateful recipients of Grace Home and their board. Two board members worked with us all morning as well as took pictures. Neighbors came from across the street and next door to look, ask questions, compliment our work and our church.

Scattered seeds, expressions of love, God's promises kept
        When our light shines......wow, the blessings flow!

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