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Leaving a Charitable Giving Legacy


Have you considered leaving a charitable giving legacy to Hayes Barton United Methodist Church?


Planned giving is vital to the long-term financial health of our faith community. Providing an estate gift, endowment, and/or memorial gift is a thoughtful and meaningful way to demonstrate your commitment to our mission of offering Christ, community and compassion to future generations of the congregation. There are many ways to leave a charitable giving legacy:

  • Make a provision for a memorial gift to Hayes Barton United Methodist Church in your Will or Trust;

  • Name Hayes Barton United Methodist Church as a Beneficiary of a Retirement Plan, IRA, Life Insurance Policy, or certain bank accounts and investments; and

  • Establish an endowed fund through the Permanent Endowment Committee of Hayes Barton United Methodist Church.


The Permanent Endowment Committee has several established general and donor-named endowment funds that are available for memorial gifts. The General Endowment Fund is used for any church approved purpose, including building and grounds and other special programs and needs. The Missions Endowment Fund supports missions in and beyond the local community.  The Scholarship Endowment Fund provides for educational scholarship assistance and funds specific needs of our youth programs. The Music Endowment Fund provides guest musicians for our worship services.


Donor-named endowment funds provide specific support to programs and missions as directed by the donor. Currently, Hayes Barton United Methodist Church has donor-named endowment funds supporting special music, buildings and grounds, missions, youth and scholarships. Leaving a legacy by establishing a donor-named endowed fund allows the donor to provide targeted giving to support areas of special interest. The endowed funds are held in perpetuity, and the earnings are used as specified by the endowment agreement.


Please contact one of the ministers, Brooks WickerController, or a member of the Permanent Endowment Committee if you would like to learn more about Leaving a Legacy to Hayes Barton United Methodist Church.

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